Table 2 Demographic, pathological, and clinical characteristics, including previous anti–PD-1 exposure of patients treated in cohort 4.

SCCHN, squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck; RCC, renal cell carcinoma.

Cohort 4, n = 28
Characteristicsn (%)
Median age, years (range)59.5 (29.0–74.0)
Male and female16 (57.1) and 12 (42.9)
Tumor type
  Melanoma10 (35.7)
  NSCLC13 (46.4)
  SCCHN4 (14.3)
  RCC1 (3.6)
Previous lines of oncology therapy
  06 (21.4)
  110 (35.7)
  2 or more12 (42.9)
Site of injected lesion*
  Skin/subcutaneous nodule6 (21.4)
  Lymph node12 (42.9)
  Soft tissue—nonvisceral7 (25.0)
  Lung4 (14.3)
  Liver1 (3.6)
Anti–PD-1 antibody
  Nivolumab20 (71.4)
  Pembrolizumab8 (28.6)

*Eight patients (five with melanoma and three with NSCLC) had additional lesion(s) injected for some subsequent BO-112 administrations.

†Two patients started nivolumab as part of a combination therapy rather than as single agent (one with daratumumab and one with cisplatin, pemetrexed, and ipilimumab), one patient was switched from atezolizumab to nivolumab, and one patient had previously progressed on pembrolizumab.

‡One patient had previously progressed on nivolumab.