Table 1 Demographics and Clinical Features of Children and Adults with COVID-19

Age < 24 (n=65)^Age >24 (n=60)p-value^^
Age13.34 ± 6.0961.05 ± 12.96<0.0001
Male: Female (n)41:2434:260.47
Black: White: Other/Unknown (n)25:5:3530:7:230.22
Hispanic (n, %)26 (40%)15 (25%)0.09
Body mass index27.19 ± 14.0929.78 ± 5.610.198
Underlying medical conditions (n)
Obesity (BMI>30)18210.44
Diabetes mellitus8200.0056
Asthma or COPD18120.40
Treatment (n)
Systemic corticosteroid1480.25
Intravenous immunoglobulin100<0.0001
Other biologics*45>0.99
Length of stay (days)^^^6.37 ± 5.9114.77 ± 16.68<0.0001
Mechanical Ventilation (n, %)5 (7.7%)22 (36.7%)<0.0001
Deaths (n, %)2 (3.1%)17 (28.3%)0.0001

Results are presented as mean ± standard deviation

^includes 20 patients with MIS-C

^^Continuous variables were compared by student’s t test; categorical variables were compared by Fisher’s exact test.

^^^Length of stay excludes patients who died

n=number, BMI=body mass index, COPD=chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

*Other biologics include tocilizumab, sarilumab, and anakinra