Table 1 Published studies of recent RSV vaccine candidates tested in clinical trials in different population groups.

Shaded cells signify that the study was carried out in that population. References are in parentheses.

VaccineClassAdultsSeropositive childrenSeronegative
Pregnant womenOlder
FI-RSV (14, 17)FIV*
F, G, M subunit (89, 90)Subunit
F-nanoparticle (55, 81)Nanoparticle
Chimpanzee adenovirus RSV
vaccine (39)
BBG2Na (91, 92)Subunit
ΔM2-2 (93)LAV
rA2cp248/404/1030ΔSH (94)LAV
cpts530/1009 (35)LAV
RSV ts-2 (95)LAV
MEDI-559 (96)LAV
MEDI-534 (9799)LAV
RSV ts-1 A, B, and C (100, 101)LAV
cpts248/955 (35)LAV
cp-52B (102)LAV
rA2cpΔNS2 (103)LAV
cpRSV (104, 105)LAV
RSV ts-1 (106108)LAV
Cpts248/404 (109, 110)LAV
rA2cp248/404ΔSH (94)LAV
rA2cp248/404/1030ΔNS2 (103)LAV
rA2cp530/1009ΔNS2 (103)LAV
PFP1 (111116)Subunit
PFP2 (110, 117121)Subunit
PFP3 (122)Subunit
MEDI-7510 (123)Subunit
F nanoparticle (124, 125)Nanoparticle
Pre-F (126)Subunit
Soluble post-F (127)Subunit
Small hydrophobic protein
ectodomain (128)
RSVcps2 (129)LAV
LIDΔM2-2 (130)LAV
RSV Pre-F (131)Recombinant

*FIV, formalin-inactivated vaccine.

†VVV, viral vector vaccine.

‡LAV, live-attenuated vaccine.