Table 1 Altered metabolites in the hippocampus of old MT recipient mice measured using 1H NMR.

The table lists metabolites, significant chemical shift values and multiplicity, and direction of associated changes. ADP, adenosine diphosphate. Multiplicity key: s, singlet; d, doublet; t, triplet; q, quartet; dd, doublet of doublets; m, multiplet.

Taurine3.43 (t), 3.26 (t)
GABA2.29 (t), 3.02 (t), 1.91 (q)
2.34 (d)
Lactate1.33 (d), 4.11(q)
Alanine1.48 (d)
Glutamate2.05 (m), 2.36 (dd),
3.77 (t)
N-acetyl aspartate2.02 (s), 2.70 (dd),
2.51 (dd)
Glycerophosphocholine3.78 (m), 3.67 (dd),
4.36 (m), 3.23 (s)
Phosphocholine3.22 (s)
Myoinositol4.06 (t), 3.63 (t),
3.53 (dd)
Creatinine3.04 (s), 3.93 (s)
ADP8.58 (s), 8.27 (s)
Choline3.20 (s)
Unknown 17.68 (s)