Table 3 Behavioral effect of pathological HFOs during task 2.

SubjectHFO load*CategoryIndoor/outdoor recognition
(condition I)
Old/new recognition
(condition II)
AccuracyReaction time (s)AccuracyReaction time (s)Confidence
S458%With HFO100%0.3871%0.92Embedded Image
Without HFO100%0.3581%0.64Embedded Image
S588%With HFO82%0.9421%1.42Embedded Image
Without HFO85%0.8834%1.10Embedded Image
S665%With HFO74%0.3972%1.76Embedded Image
Without HFO87%0.2077%0.83Embedded Image

*HFO load=number of trials with prestimulus HFOtotal number of stimulus trials%.

Embedded Image: Unsure, “1”; Embedded Image: maybe, “2”; Embedded Image: sure, “3.”