Table 1 Clinical characteristics of individual TBI participants.

Participant designations correspond to those in Figs. 1 and 2 and fig. S1. APOE, apolipoprotein E genotype; GOS-E, Glasgow Outcome Scale–Extended; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; NA, not available; RTA, road traffic accident; TBI, traumatic brain injury.

PatientAgeSexTBI etiologyTime since TBI
GOS-E current
MMSE current
P156FemaleRTA355 (0)22 (−2)ε3/ε3
P239FemaleRTA285 (−1)27 (−2)ε3/ε3
P361FemaleRTA355 (−1)28 (−2)ε3/ε3
P439MaleRTA324 (0)28 (−1)ε3/ε4
P557MaleRTA358 (0)30 (0)ε3/ε4
P654FemaleRTA365 (−3)27 (2)ε3/ε4
P765MaleFall317 (0)30 (2)ε3/ε4
P829FemaleRTA187 (NA)29 (NA)ε3/ε3
P949MaleRTA275 (NA)28 (NA)ε2/ε3
P1048MaleRTA376 (−2)29 (−1)ε3/ε3
P1146FemaleRTA318 (0)29 (0)ε3/ε3
P1244MaleRTA296 (−1)24 (−2)ε3/ε3
P1354MaleRTA327 (0)29 (NA)ε3/ε3
P1457MaleRTA378 (0)30 (3)ε3/ε3
P1554MaleRTA345 (−1)29 (2)ε3/ε4
P1638MaleRTA198 (NA)29 (NA)ε3/ε3
P1772MaleAssault515 (NA)27 (NA)ε3/ε3
P1840FemaleRTA315 (0)23 (−6)ε3/ε4
P1943MaleRTA358 (0)30 (0)ε3/ε3
P2055MaleAssault208 (NA)30 (NA)ε3/ε4
P2143MaleRTA205 (NA)26 (NA)ε4/ε4