Table 2 Regions showing significant DC differences in the EU-AIMS LEAP cohort between individuals with ASD and TD.

Cluster sizeExact cluster
P value
T valueMNI coordinates
[x y z]
ASD > TDBilateral: Parietal,
posterior cingulate,
precuneus, primary visual
30660.0085.35*−33 54 39
ASD > TDBilateral: Lateral and medial
prefrontal, premotor,
supplementary motor,
anterior cingulate
48510.0015.33*36 42 3
Right: Anterior
insula, caudate
TD > ASDBilateral: Primary sensory,
primary motor,
middle cingulate
5777<0.0015.41*12 –33 69
Right: Posterior insula,
temporal cortex, amygdala,
hippocampus, entorhinal

*Significant at a whole-brain voxel-wise family-wise error-corrected threshold of P < 0.05.