Table 1 Bacterial strains.

EcN was genetically engineered with the described series of changes to create SYNB1020 and related tool strains that we used to elucidate activity in in vitro and in vivo studies.

EcNE. coli Nissle 1917
EcNStrREcN, streptomycin resistant
EcNKREcN, kanamycin resistant
EcNΔargREcN, ΔargR
EcNΔthyAEcN, ΔthyA::CmR
EcNargAfbr+EcN, malEK::CmR-PfnrS-argAfbr
EcNΔthyA argAfbr+EcN, ΔthyA, malEK::CmR-PfnrS-argAfbr
EcNΔargR ΔthyAEcN, ΔargR, ΔthyA::CmR
EcNΔthyA, argAfbr+EcN, ΔthyA, malEK::CmR-PfnrS-argAfbr
EcN-GFPEcN containing plasmid with PfnrS
GFP (green fluorescent protein)
transcription fusion
SYNB1020thyA+EcN, ΔargR, malEK::PfnrS-argAfbr
SYNB1020EcN, ΔargR, ΔthyA, malEK::PfnrS-argAfbr
SYNB1020KREcN, ΔargR, ΔthyA, malEK::PfnrS-argAfbrKanR