Table 2 Overview of the subsets found to be significantly expanded in RA.

RA proportion reflects the fraction of cells in the subset that were from RA donors. The 95% CI is shown next to the OR.

ConditionDescriptionSubsetRA proportionPORTest
RestingHLA-DR+, CD27180.6365.9 × 10−41.9 (1.3–2.7)MASC
StimulatedHLA-DR+, CD27180.6191.3 × 10−31.7 (1.2–2.2)MASC
Flow cytometry replicationGated
NANA4.4 × 10−2NAOne-tailed t test
Meta-analysisHLA-DR+, CD27NANA2.3 × 10−4NAStouffer’s Z-score method