Table 1 Characteristics of addicts, narcoleptic patients, and control subjects. PMI, postmortem interval; avg, average; MI, myocardial infarction; N/A, not available; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.
SubjectSexAgeCause of deathMedicationsPMIpHYears in fixEstimated hypocretin cell no.
Addicts (A)
A-1M38Heroin intoxicationOxycodone abuse, smoked 1 1/2 packs per day20.06.843.5121,173
A-2F26Asthma complicating Narc intoxicationHeroin, cocaine, methadone (110 g) for 8 months, nonsmoker4.06.633.5130,719
A-3M72CancerFormer heroin addict, morphine alcohol “comfort” 4 days before death19.03.6111,466
A-4M28Methadone intoxication and cocaine useHeroin, cocaine, methadone13.05.523123,810
A-5F19Methadone intoxicationHigh-dose drug abuse24.05.453141,717Avg: 125,777
Control subjects for addicts (C)
C-1F42Breast cancer15.0N/A1.084,546
C-2M32MI, aneurismN/AN/A8.089,652
C-3M61Pneumonia, testicular tumorN/AN/A8.065,833
C-4F44Breast cancerN/AN/A8.086,354
C-5F27Mild hypoxia, arterial calcification, congenital heart defect, coronary artery atherosclerosisN/AN/A1.578,656
C-6F33SLE, sepsisN/AN/A1.576,921
C-7M29Leukemia, bacterial sepsis, hypoxiaN/AN/A1.589,732Avg: 81,671
Control subjects for narcolepsy
NBB-00-022F83Acute MI7.56.520.1106,366
NBB-00-072M78Kidney failure18.05.840.188,404
NBB-00-142F82MI5.36.60.170,976Avg: 88,582
Narcolepsy with cataplexy
NBB-08023F66Heart failureAmphetamine, 5.45 mg, 1 time/day
Modafinil, 100 mg, 3 times/day7.06.570.132763.6% control
Sodium oxybate at 500 mg/ml, 2 times 6 ml/day
Narcolepsy with cataplexy morphine-treated hypersomnia
NBB-01064F85Chronic pain syndrome with palliative sedationMorphine, 10 mg, 2 times/day (9 years)3.46.770.116,83419% control
Modafinil, 200 mg, 1–2 times/day