Table 1 Baseline subject characteristics and postoperative testing results.

Text in boldface indicates eyes implanted with CPCB-RPE1. L, left eye; R, right eye; F, female; M, male; ETDRS, Early Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy Severity Score; LogMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; Unstable, less than 75% of fixation events occurred within a 4° retinal locus; Stable, 75% or more of fixation events occurred within a 4° locus; ELM, external limiting membrane; ND, fixation testing was not carried out because the implant was not delivered in subject 123; +/−, the presence or absence of ELM band on OCT.

ID-EyeAge, sexPreoperativePostoperative
204L85, F21 (1.28)Unstable365 days23 (1.24)+Unstable
204R50 (0.70)Unstable39 (0.92)Unstable
123L85, M29 (1.12)Unstable365 days28 (1.14)ND
123R24 (1.22)Unstable19 (1.32)ND
125L84, F3 (1.64)Unstable270 days0 (3.00)+Stable
125R67 (0.36)Stable69 (0.32)Stable
303L84, M32 (1.06)Stable180 days28 (1.14)+Stable
303R54 (0.62)Stable40 (0.90)Stable
128L69, F7 (1.56)Unstable120 days24 (1.22)+Stable
128R56 (0.58)Stable62 (0.46)Stable