Table 1 Basic hemodynamics for each animal case at baseline and during intervention.

Each animal trial was performed independently in five pigs using the IVC occlusion intervention. An additional case was performed with animal 5 at a different operating speed (42K = 42,000 rpm) to demonstrate parity at multiple speeds. ΔP is the pressure difference between the aortic and left ventricular pressure, of which all animals had a minimum gradient of ~0 mmHg. Mean arterial pressure (MAP) is shown at baseline and during peak intervention. bpm, beats per minute.

Animal 1Animal 2Animal 3Animal 4Animal 5Animal 5 (42K)
Mass (kg)77.370.079.471.468.068.0
Heart rate (bpm)12511097116129110
MAP baseline (mmHg)104.065.388.183.398.298.6
MAP occlusion (mmHg)71.838.271.762.160.579.5
ΔP max (mean) (mmHg)109.0 (41.9)70.2 (21.9)105.4 (45.7)93.4 (33.7)81.3 (32.1)90.9 (38.3)
LVEDP max/min (mean) (mmHg)19.5/4.4 (15.8)9.4/3.1 (8.4)7.1/4.7 (6.0)13.8/10.1 (12.3)23.5/15 (22)23.8/9.0 (19.7)
LVEDP data points456235339432
Mean absolute error (mmHg)0.920.311.580.981.000.84