Table 2 Multivariable analysis of HIV acquisition and integrin β7Hi CD4+ T cells using conditional logistic regression.
VariablePaOR95% CI
Integrin β7Hi CD45RACD4+ T cells0.0161.1631.0291.316
Urban study site0.0910.3490.1031.181
HSV-2 seropositive at trial entry0.2231.6060.7503.438
Abnormal vaginal discharge0.2481.6460.7073.831
Number of new casual partners in the last 30 days0.6690.9160.6141.367
Median no. of sex acts per month0.1001.1100.9801.258
Condom useNever0.4861*
Most times0.7400.8240.2622.587
DMPA use0.2941.8800.5786.120

*Reference category.