Table 3 mVIM and mCCNA1 detection in FFPE biopsies of upper gastrointestinal tract pathologies.

mVIM and mCCNA1 were assayed in microdissected formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) biopsies that captured each of the histologies shown. IM, intestinal metaplasia. Samples were scored as methylated for mVIM >1.05% and mCCNA1 >3.12% (the cutpoints established in ROC analysis of esophageal brushings assayed for each marker). Samples were positive for the panel of mCCNA1 plus mVIM if either marker tested positive. Entries indicate percent positive samples (%) and total number of individuals tested (n).

mCCNA1mVIMEither mVIM or mCCNA1
BE (IM)752090219021
GEJ/cardia with IM (<1-cm extent)67970108010
Non-IM columnar metaplasia
concurrent with BE
GEJ/cardia without IM (including
15 cases with chronic carditis)
Distal normal squamous
esophagus from control
patients without
glandular metaplasia
Eosinophilic esophagitis012015015
Gastric fundic mucosa without IM424024424
Intestinal metaplasia of stomach147119229
H. pylori gastritis without IM15138131513