Table 1 mVIM and mCCNA1 performance in the combined set of all distal esophagus brushings.

VIM and CCNA1 gene methylation was assayed in DNA samples from cytology brushings of the distal esophagus from the following: unaffected controls brushed at the gastroesophageal junction (control GEJ); cases of NDBE, further subclassified as short-segment BE (SSBE) of 1 to 3 cm or long-segment BE (LSBE) of ≥3 cm; BE with low-grade dysplasia (LGD); BE with HGD; EAC (including junctional cancer of the esophagus). Samples were scored as VIM-methylated for mVIM >1.05% and as CCNA1-methylated for mCCNA1 >3.12% [using receiver operating characteristic (ROC) defined cutpoints from Fig. 3, A and B]. Cases were positive for the panel of mCCNA1 plus mVIM if either marker tested positive. Controls were negative for the panel when both mCCNA1 and mVIM were negative. Controls with one negative marker and one marker with assay failure were excluded. Entries indicate percent sensitivity or specificity (%) and total number of individuals tested (n).

mVIMmCCNA1Either mVIM or mCCNA1
Specificity control GEJ93.08696.68990.584
Sensitivity all cases91.122490.122394.8229
Sensitivity all NDBE91.57179.76991.772
Sensitivity SSBE87.13176.73087.131
Sensitivity LSBE95.04082.13995.141
Sensitivity all
dysplastic BE
Sensitivity LGD93.93390.63294.134
Sensitivity HGD87.023100.023100.023
Sensitivity EAC90.79794.99996.0100