Table 3. LOD (30) of Zika virus RNA with the LAMP assay (n ≥ 6 replicates).

NA, not applicable.

SampleAssayLOD95% CIPFU/ml*
Vero cell supernatantLAMP0.43 PFU0.24–4.89214
Vero cell supernatantqRT-PCR0.17 PFU0.08–6.5587
Genome equivalentsLAMP111 copies58–1148NA
Genome equivalentsqRT-PCR53 copies38–98NA
Plasma (1:100)LAMP0.28 PFU0.19–0.8731
Plasma (1:1000)LAMP0.05 PFU0.03–0.4221
Plasma (1:1000)LAMP (turbidity)0.17 PFU0.08–2.5286
Spiked bloodLAMP0.05 PFU0.03–0.2524
Spiked urineLAMP0.32 PFU0.22–3.26159
Spiked salivaLAMP0.13 PFU0.09–0.8663
Spiked semenLAMP5.57 PFU2.18–608.142785

*Based on a 2-μl sample volume and rounded to nearest whole number.

†Final dilution in water.