Table 1. Percept qualities evoked by intracortical microstimulation.

The number of trials evoking each response type is shown. The totals in each category (naturalness, depth, etc.) differ because the participant did not always provide a complete response for every case where he could detect a stimulus. In 79 cases, a sensation of “tingle” was described without being further described by one of the subcategories.

Naturalness (250)Depth (247)Pain (280)Somatosensory quality (190)
Totally natural0Skin surface90 (no pain)280MechanicalTouch (2), pressure (128), sharp (0)
Almost natural12Below skin51, 2, 30MovementVibration (1), movement (0)
Possibly natural233Both2334, 5, 60TemperatureWarm (30), cool (0)
Rather unnatural57, 8, 90Tingle (79)Electrical (29), tickle (0), itch (0)
Totally unnatural010 (most pain)0