Table 4. Oviposition rate for surviving wild blood-fed pyrethroid-resistant A. gambiae mosquitoes in experimental hut studies.
Net typeNo. of washesNo. of females observed
(blood-fed alive at 24 hours)
No. of females
laying eggs
% Blood-fed females laying eggs (95% CI)*% Oviposition
inhibition (95% CI)
Control40121955 (50–60)a
Pyriproxyfen net02943412 (8–16)b78 (71–85)
2044420145 (40–50)c18 (9–27)
Olyset Net022912555 (49–61)a0 (0–11)
2036121058 (53–63)a0 (0–4)
Olyset Duo01203731 (23–39)d44 (30–58)
2022710647 (41–53)c15 (4–25)

*Values down a column bearing the same superscript are not significantly different at the 5% level (P > 0.05). Generalized linear mixed models.