Table 3. Results for wild free-flying pyrethroid-resistant A. gambiae mosquitoes in experimental huts in Cove, Benin.
Net typeControlPyriproxyfen netOlyset NetOlyset Duo
No. of washes020020020
Total females caught2874300728973804378238403293
Average catch per night68726991909178
% Deterrence000000
Total exiting1325136712862493217724581943
% Exiting (95% CI)*46 (42–48)a45 (42–47)a44 (41–47)a65 (62–68)b58 (56–60)c64 (62–68)b59 (57–61)c
% Inside net (95% CI)21152651136
Total blood-fed mosquitoes10047201031444875281497
Inhibition of blood feeding (%)*31 (28–34)a0 (0–8)b66 (61–71)c34 (31–37)a79 (75–83)d63 (58–68)c
Personal protection (%)*28a0b58c13d72e50c
No. of dead after 24 hours1598686601228101215361314
Killing effect (%)*26a18b39c31d51e43c

*Values along a row bearing the same superscript are not significantly different at the 5% level (P > 0.05). Generalized linear mixed models.