Table 6. Tunnel test results for susceptible A. gambiae Kisumu mosquitoes exposed to net pieces hand-treated with permethrin and/or pyriproxyfen.

Net treatment (mg/m2)No. of exposed% Penetration*% Blood-fed*% Blood-feeding inhibition% Mortality*
95% CI95–10094–1000–6
Pyriproxyfen (250)10199a98a08b
95% CI97–10095–1003–13
Permethrin (150)10540b30b6946c
95% CI31–4921–3936–55
Permethrin (150) + pyriproxyfen (250)10443b41b5835c
95% CI31–5533–5226–44

*Values down each column sharing the same superscript are not significantly different at the 5% level (P > 0.05). Generalized linear mixed models.