Table 2. Plasma lipid levels after 3 weeks of placebo and 7 weeks of mipomersen treatment.

Data are means (±SD) of one sample obtained from each subject (n = 17) just before the kinetic study in each period. Percent change is based on the difference between levels during mipomersen treatment and during placebo treatment for each subject. The significance of percent change for each endpoint was examined by paired t test after determining that the data were normally distributed using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov normality test.

P value
Total cholesterol187.2 (25.7)132.4 (29.7)−28.6 (16.1)<0.001
TG86.9 (49.3)57.1 (30.4)−28.0 (28.0)<0.001
LDL-C114.7 (22.3)61.9 (24)−45.5 (18.9)<0.001
ApoB69.6 (18.9)40.8 (14.1)−40.3 (17.5)<0.001
HDL-C55.2 (14.3)59.1 (17.9)6.8 (19.3)0.17