Table 1

Human diseases and their parallels in companion animals: A partial summary.

Disease category or organ systemSpecific diseaseSpecies with recognized naturally occurring correlateReferences
CancerNon-Hodgkin’s lymphomaDogs, cats(7, 12)
Mammary carcinoma
Soft tissue sarcoma
MusculoskeletalChronic osteoarthritisDogs, horses, rabbits(23, 53, 54)
Tendon injuriesHorses(55)
Cruciate ligament injuryDogs(56)
Mandibular reconstructionDogs(35, 36)
Spinal cord injury and disordersIntervertebral disk herniationDogs(27)
Neural tube defectsDogs(29)
SCID X-linkedDogs, horses(59)
Cleft palateDogs(60)
Duchenne muscular dystrophyDogs(61)
Lysosomal storage diseaseDogs, cats, cows, sheep goats(62)
Skeletal disordersHorses(63)
EyeKeratoconjunctivitis siccaDogs(24)
Immune or inflammatoryInflammatory bowel diseaseDogs, cats(64, 65)
Chronic gingivostomatitisCats(41)
CardiovascularDilated cardiomyopathyDog(47)
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathyCats(44)
Arythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathyDogs(46)