Table 1. Demographic data of patients and controls.

Age and duration of NAT treatment are shown for NAT-treated MS, NAT-PML, and NAT-PML-IRIS patients and HDs. No statistically significant differences in age, female to male ratio, and duration of NAT treatment were detected between the groups.

Number (n)2815830
Mean age (years ± SD)37.6 ± 9.238.1 ± 8.342.0 ± 6.633.9 ± 7.5
Range of age (years)19–5323–5532–5525–49
Female to male ratio1.
Mean duration of NAT treatment (months ± SD)42.9 ± 22.051.1 ± 16.349.8 ± 11.3
Range of treatment duration (months)3–8614–8135–72