Table 2. Interactions of HLA class II alleles and vaccine-induced responses have an independent effect on HIV-1 acquisition.

ORs for HIV-1 acquisition in a multivariable analysis of all primary immune response variables from the immune correlate study (3) and the two significant HLA interactions observed in this study.

VariableMultivariable model*
OR (95% CI)P value
Avidity of IgG antibodies for Env0.94 (0.56–1.57)0.80
ADCC0.97 (0.62–1.51)0.89
Neutralizing antibodies1.08 (0.63–1.85)0.78
Env-specific CD4+ T cells1.07 (0.77–1.50)0.68
Env-specific IgA-DQB1*06 interaction†8.24 (2.07–32.75)0.003
Env (120–204)–specific IgG-DPB1*13
0.27 (0.09–0.80)0.02

*For each primary immune variable (3), the OR is reported per 1-SD increase; sex, baseline behavioral risk score, and one significant principal component axis were included as covariates in the model. Env-specific IgA, DQB1*06, Env (120–204)–specific IgG, and DPB1*13 were also included as main effects. †Reported ORs and 95% CIs reflect the results from logistic regression analysis including a two-way interaction term for Env-specific IgA or Env (120–204)–specific IgG and the absence or presence of the given allele.