Table 3. Quantification of diffusion results.

Average values for the fractional anisotropy, radial diffusivity, and mean diffusivity for the significant clusters listed in Table 2. These clusters were identified from the voxel-based analyses of diffusion maps of the LCA2 patients and sighted controls registered to the MNI template.

Cluster locationLCA2 patientsSighted controls
Average fractional anisotropy (SD)Average fractional anisotropy (SD)
Right occipital0.202 (0.018)0.260 (0.022)
Left occipital0.199 (0.024)0.252 (0.025)
Splenium0.660 (0.034)0.711 (0.028)
Average radial diffusivity (SD) (106 s/mm2)Average radial diffusivity (SD) (10−6 s/mm2)
Right occipital743.0 (38.6)679.5 (27.2)
Left occipital822.0 (48.8)730.9 (43.1)
Average mean diffusivity (SD) (10−6 s/mm2)Average mean diffusivity (SD) (10−6 s/mm2)
Right occipital816.0 (39.5)757.3 (36.4)
Left occipital860.0 (47.8)783.0 (42.3)