Table 1.

Newspapers included in the analyzed articles data set.*

NewspapersCountryNumber (n)Percentage
Globe and MailCanada227.2
Montreal GazetteCanada61.9
National PostCanada82.6
Toronto StarCanada82.6
Vancouver SunCanada3310.5
The New York TimesUSA288.9
USA TodayUSA113.5
The Wall Street JournalUSA3410.9
The Washington PostUSA82.6
The Daily TelegraphUK3511.2
Financial TimesUK3711.8
The GuardianUK206.4
The IndependentUK216.7
The Times (London)UK3611.5

*Of the 307 articles analyzed, 25.1% of the articles were published in Canada, 26.7% in the United States, and 48.2% in the United Kingdom. In the pre-Geron data set, 22.5% of the news reports were from Canada, 28.1% from the United States, and 49.4% from the UK. In the post-Geron data set, 28.6% of the articles were published in Canada, 27.1% in the United States, and 44.4% in the UK, with 11 out of these 17 articles characterizing it as a setback for the field.