Table 4. Inhibition of tumor xenograft growth by administration of A-1331852, docetaxel, or the combination.

TGImax = 100 (1 − Tv/Cv), where Tv and Cv are the mean tumor volumes of the treated and control groups, respectively. TGD is the extended period of time that a treated tumor requires to reach a volume of 1 cm3 relative to the control group. TGD = 100(T/C − 1), where T and C are the median time periods required for the treated and control groups, respectively, to reach 1 cm3. Each treatment group of NCI-H747, A549-FP3, EBC-1, and OVCAR-5 models consisted of five mice. Each treatment group of the NCI-H358 model consisted of eight mice. Each treatment group of NCI-H1650 and MDA-MB-231 LC3 consisted of ten mice.

XenograftA-1331852DocetaxelA-1331852 + docetaxel
MDA-MB-231 LC355*55*73*82*93*141*

*Significantly different from sham-treated control group.

†Significantly different from most effective component of the combination as a single agent.