Table 2

Models for collaboration around biobanking costs.

Model componentsModel 1: Full-cost modelModel 2: Partial-cost + fee modelModel 3: Marginal-cost model
Items to which access is providedBiological samplesBiological samplesBiological samples
Minimum data set defined by BBMRIData set defined by MTAAll data
Medical and scientific expertise
Material transfer agreementNo restriction on legal useRestricted to specific projectMTA is part of a collaboration agreement
Intellectual propertyNot claimedUser has right of first refusal to IPIP shared as per collaboration agreement
PublicationsBiobank acknowledgedBiobank acknowledged and described in Materials and MethodsCo-authorship + biobank acknowledged and described in Materials and Methods
CostsFull cost of each samplePercent of full cost plus a contribution to the biobankConsumables and handling costs
Example of prices / sample1000 to 2000 €200 to 500 €10 to 100 €