Table 2 Summary of clinical responses to intratumoral C. novyi-NT therapy.
Case IDClinical evidence
of germination*
Clinical response
01-R02Tumor inflammation, skin disorder,
and discharge
04-R01Tumor inflammation and painCR
04-R02Tumor inflammation and abscessPR
04-R03Tumor inflammation, consistency change,
discharge, and tumor pain
04-R04Tumor inflammation and painNE
04-R05Tumor inflammation, consistency change,
skin disorder, and pain
04-R06Tumor inflammation, abscess, and dischargeCR
04-R08Tumor abscess and dischargeNE
10-R02Tumor inflammation, abscess, and painSD
11-R01Tumor inflammation and abscessPR
11-R02Tumor inflammationSD
11-R04Tumor abscess and consistency changeSD
16-R02Tumor inflammationPD
16-R03Tumor inflammation and abscessSD

*Clinical evidence of C. novyi-NT germination on or after day 0 of the study includes target lesion reactions (table S10).

Best response of the target lesion, as defined by the study protocol, after day 21 of the study. NE, not evaluated for response on or after day 21 of the study.