Table 4. Individual patient outcomes.

DS, deep sequencing for IgH rearrangement; DUCBT, double umbilical cord blood transplant; FC, flow cytometry; HUCT, haplo-umbilical cord transplant; MTX, methotrexate; Peg, pegaspariginase; Pred, prednisone; qPCR, quantitative PCR for bcr-abl transcript; RD, related donor; TCD, T cell–depleted; UD, unrelated donor; Vinc, vincristine; NA, not available.

Patient IDAgeCytogenetics
at diagnosis
Salvage therapyDisease response to
salvage therapy
Disease response to
CAR T cells
MSK-ALL0166Normal karyotypeVinc/Pred/PegMRD+ by DSMRD by DS10/10 TCD RD at 64 days post
MSK-ALL0356Normal karyotypeVinc/Pred/PegMRD by FCMRD by FC10/10 TCD MRD at 43 days post
MSK-ALL0459t(9;11), 9p21 deletionVinc/PredRefractory disease, 63%
blasts in BM
MRD by DSIneligible because of medical
MSK-ALL05589p21 deletionHigh-dose cytarabine/
Refractory disease, 70%
blasts in BM
MRD by DSTCD DUCBT at 69 days post
MSK-ALL0623Normal karyotypeModified NYIIMRD+MRD by DS8/10 TCD UD at 121 days post
Consolidation I (27)
MSK-ALL07309q isochrome, 12p13 deletionVinc/Pred/PegRefractory disease, 5–10%
blasts in BM
MRD by DSDeclined
MSK-ALL0874Complex including
11q23 deletion
+extramedullary disease
No responseNo response
MSK-ALL0923NAModified NYIIMRD+ by FCMRD by FC, MRD+ by DSIneligible because of medical
Consolidation I
MSK-ALL1027NormalModified NYIIMRD by FCMRD by FCIneligible because of medical
Consolidation I
MSK-ALL1132Ph+Vinc/PegMRD+ by qPCRMRD by qPCR10/10 UD at ~90 days post
MSK-ALL12*42Ph+ClofarabineRefractory disease, 97%
blasts in BM
No responseNo response
MSK-ALL13*36Ph+InotuzumabRefractory disease, 60%
blasts in BM
MRD by DS and qPCRDeclined
MSK ALL1460NAVinc/Pred/PegRefractory disease, 52%
blasts in BM
MRD by FCHUCT at ~60 days post
MSK ALL15*27t(2;12), monosomy 7L20 (28)Refractory disease, 23%
blasts in BM
MRD by DS10/10 UD at 49 days post
MSK- ALL16*63Ph+, 11q deletionPOMP (29)MRD+ by qPCRMRD+ by qPCRNo response
MSK-ALL1759ComplexVinc/PredRefractory disease, 85%
blasts in BM
MRD by FCAwaiting allo-SCT evaluation

*Enrolled and treated after an allo-SCT.