Table 2. Summary of clinical outcomes.
CharacteristicsNo. of patients (N = 16)%
Overall complete response to salvage chemotherapy*744
Overall complete response to 19-28z CAR T cells1488
In patients with morphologic residual leukemia (n = 9)778
Complete remission (CR)1063
Complete remission with incomplete count recovery (CRi)425
Molecular complete remission (CRm)1275
Median time to CR/CRi (days)24.5
Post-CAR T allo-SCT (n = 10 eligible patients)§770

*Overall complete response = CR + CRi (determined without regard to CRm status). †Includes two patients who were in CRm before CAR T cell infusion. ‡CRm or MRD as determined by flow cytometry and/or deep sequencing for the index IgH clonotype and/or qPCR for the bcr-abl transcript. §Three patients had medical contraindication to allo-SCT, two patients in CR have declined potential allo-SCT, and one is being evaluated for an allo-SCT.