Table 1 Symptom-initiated treatment of EBOV infection.

NHPs were challenged intramuscularly with 1067 PFU of EBOV and monitored for clinical symptoms, fever, and the presence of viremia. Once NHPs presented with both fever and a positive RT-PCR result, administration of MB-003 was initiated. Three of seven experimental NHPs survived challenge, whereas both control NHPs succumbed to challenge.

NHPPCR trigger
(hours after exposure)
Temperature trigger
(hours after exposure)
Limiting triggerInitial dosing
(hours after exposure)
A63105Temperature108MB-003No (D9)
B75102Temperature104Control (PBS)No (D7)
D63103Temperature103MB-003No (D12)
F99106Temperature108MB-003No (D8)
G99109Temperature113Control (irrelevant mAb)No (D11)
H87109Temperature113MB-003No (D10)