Table 1 Adverse events during 3 months of trial.
Patient IDAdverse drug reactionSeverityRelation to study procedureTime interval (days)*
1Vaginal infectionMildNot related−1
DiarrheaMildNot related2
HeadacheMildNot related11
Diverticulitis of sigmaSevereNot related42
2Back painMildNot related−28
Metallic flavorMildReasonable possible1
Irritation of punctured veinMildNot related1
MigraineMildNot related22
3Neck painMildNot related26
Vision disturbanceMildNot related28
Dysaesthesia/pain in one handMildNot related35
4ColdMildNot related85
5ColdMildNot related24
Gastric painModerateNot related66
6SyncopeModerateNot related3
7SinusitisMildNot related−72
Sinusitis/bronchitisMildNot related−7
Paravertebral dysaesthesiaMildNot related74
8Diarrhea after oral antibiosisMildNot related−1
Dental infectionModerateNot related−8
10HeadacheMildNot related−65
ColdMildNot related−44
ColdMildNot related−37
Herpes labialisMildNot related−24

*Time interval to administration of study drug (days).