Table 2 Increased frequency of metastasis by BMSM CTCs in a xenograft model.

Comparative analysis of metastatic capabilities of primary CTCs versus BMSM CTCs in xenografts of brain and lung tumors. An equal number of cells (0.5 × 106 cells) were injected into each mouse. PBMCs from patient 1 were used as a negative control. Micrometastasis and tumors <50 μm2 were not counted. Data are averages from 10 mice per cell line (n = 70 total).

Cells injectedPathologyTumor incidence in lung (%)P for lungTumor incidence in brain (%)P for brain
CTC-1Spindle perivascular8020
Epithelioid micrometastases
CTC-2Spindle perivascular600
CTC-3Spindle perivascular600
BMSM CTC-1Spindle perivascular100<0.01 (compared to CTC-1)80<0.001 (compared to CTC-1)
Epithelioid micrometastases
BMSM CTC-2Spindle perivascular80<0.01 (compared to CTC-2)60<0.001 (compared to CTC-2)
Epithelioid micrometastases
BMSM CTC-3Spindle perivascular80<0.01 (compared to CTC-3)60<0.001 (compared to CTC-3)
PBMCsNo tumor00