Table 2

Mutations unique to colistin-resistant isolates.

StrainUnique mutations
Patient 2 (resistant)Coding indel in query: GA at position 321
of 1221 in KPNIH1_08595 (microcin
B17 transporter)
Noncoding SNP: G→A, between KPNIH1_06013
(hypothetical protein) and KPNIH1_06008
(putative acid phosphatase)
Patient 8 (initial)Coding SNP: CTG→ATG (L→M) at 130 of 309
in KPNIH1_18808 (putative membrane
Coding SNP: ACC→ATC (T→I) at 1106 of 1119
in KPNIH1_07189 (L-Ala-D/L-Glu epimerase)
(methyl viologen resistance protein SmvA)
Noncoding SNP: G→T, between KPNIH1_24168
(putative phosphatase) and KPNIH1_24173
(hypothetical protein)
Coding SNP: GGC→TGC (G→C) at 811 of 1110
in KPNIH1_05438 (putative transport protein)
Coding SNP: CTT→CCT (L→P) at 941 of 1476
in KPNIH1_07179
Noncoding SNP: G→T, between KPNIH1_15985
(aspartate kinase III) and KPNIH1_15980
(glucose-6-phosphate isomerase)