Table 2.

Program for the application of cell transfer therapy to a wide variety of human cancers in the Surgery Branch, NCI.

Receptor (references)TypeCancersStatus
MART-1 (29)TCRMelanomaAccrued
gp100 (29)TCRMelanomaAccrued
NY-ESO-1 (33)TCREpithelial and sarcomasAccruing
CEA (30)TCRColorectalAccrued
CD19 (35)CARLymphomasAccruing
VEGFR2 (38)CARAll cancersAccruing
2G-1 (39)TCRKidneyAccruing
IL-12 (40)CytokineAdjuvant for all receptorsAccruing
MAGE-A3* (41)TCREpithelialIn development
SSX-2TCREpithelialIn development
MesothelinCARPancreas and mesotheliomaIn development

*HLA-A2, A1, Cw7, DP4 restricted MAGE-A3 TCRs in development; will cover 80% of patients.