Table 1

Patient population. Patients are identified on the basis of VT localization: RVX for patient X with right ventricular localization, and LVX for patient X with left ventricular localization. PVC, premature ventricular complex; VT, ventricular tachycardia.

Clinical presentationEjection
fraction (%)
Ventricular substrateAnti-arrhythmic medication
RV140, femaleSustained VT60Inferior nonischemic scarβ-Blocker
RV242, maleNonsustained VT70No scarβ-Blocker
RV357, femaleSustained VT65No scarβ-Blocker
RV421, maleNonsustained VT58No scarβ-Blocker
RV575, maleSustained VT35Anterior ischemic scarβ-Blocker
RV651, femaleSustained VT55No scarAmiodarone, β-blocker
RV746, femaleNonsustained VT60No scarβ-Blocker
RV837, femaleSyncope, Nonsustained VT55No scarSotalol, β-blocker
RV957, maleHigh burden PVCs40Nonischemic cardiomyopathySotalol, β-blocker
RV1052, femaleSymptomatic PVCs50Minimal scar, with previous ablationβ-Blocker
RV1153, maleSymptomatic PVCs60No scarNone
LV163, femaleSustained VT10Nonischemic cardiomyopathyAmiodarone, mexiletine, β-blocker
LV258, maleSustained VT40Inferior ischemic scarβ-Blocker
LV345, maleSyncope, sustained VT55Lateral nonischemic scar (sarcoid)β-Blocker, lidocaine
LV435, maleSustained VT70No scarCalcium channel blocker
LV552, femaleSustained VT65No scarAmiodarone
LV646, maleSustained VT40Anterolateral nonischemic scar (sarcoid)Sotalol, mexiletine, β-blocker
LV748, femaleNonsustained VT40Nonischemic cardiomyopathyβ-Blocker
LV871, maleSustained VT40Valvular cardiomyopathySotalol
LV971, maleSustained VT25Inferior ischemic scarAmiodarone, lidocaine
LV1042, maleSyncope, PVCs45Nonischemic (Kawasaki disease)β-Blocker
LV1171, maleSustained VT25Anterior ischemic scarAmiodarone
LV1281, maleSyncope, sustained VT30Anterior, inferior, and lateral ischemic scarAmiodarone, β-blocker
LV1362, maleSustained VT30Nonischemic cardiomyopathyAmiodarone, mexiletine, β-blocker
LV1467, maleSustained VT25Apical ischemic scarAmiodarone, mexiletine, β-blocker
LV1554, maleNonsustained VT45No scarLidocaine, β-blocker