Table 1

Sequences generated using MPSS long reads. This table summarizes the number and frequency of complete variable domain region spanning open reading frames in the MPSS data set for the indicated Ig chain isotypes. Samples for sequencing were harvested 1 week after the third immunization. Listed in each row are the statistics for sequences occurring in the data set at least as many times are the minimum count number listed in the left column. The three constant region isotypes tested have been broken into separate entries, each with three values. The percentage of unique predicted protein sequences present twice or more is 30% for the IgG sequence data set compared to 12% and 19% for the IgM or Igκ data sets, respectively. The percentages across IgG isotypes in the entire data set are 80%, 5%, 5%, and 10% for IgG1, IgG2A, IgG2B, and IgG3, respectively. N.R. is the total number of distinct, nonredundant predicted protein sequences in the set. Total is the absolute count of all recovered V region sequences regardless of redundancy. Germline is the number of sequences that are identical in DNA sequence to a murine germline V region exon.

Minimum countIgGIgMIgκ