Table 1. PCORI at a glance.

Purpose To assist patients, clinicians, purchasers, and policy-makers in making informed health decisions by identifying and analyzing:
- National research priorities
- New clinical evidence and evidentiary gaps
- Relevance of evidence and economic effects
Organization - Nonprofit corporation
- Not an agency or establishment of the U.S. government
Funding - FYs 2010–2012: Direct appropriations of $10 million, $50 million, and $150 million per year, respectively
- FYs 2013–2019: Trust fund with annual inflow of $150 million in appropriations plus annual per-capita charges per enrollee from Medicare, health insurance, and self-insured health plans
- After FY 2019: No funds available from trust fund
Oversight - Public/private board of governors; 19 members include AHRQ and NIH designees
- Standing committee to develop and update science-based methodological standards; includes AHRQ and NIH
Research - Will award contracts for peer-reviewed research
- Authorized to enter into contracts with outside entities to manage funding and conduct research. Preference given to AHRQ and NIH, if research is authorized by their governing statutes
Dissemination and transparency- Make research findings publicly available within 90 days
- AHRQ, in consultation with NIH, will broadly disseminate research findings
- Provide public comment periods on major actions
- Establish publicly available resource database