Supplementary Materials

The PDF file includes:

  • Materials and Methods
  • Fig. S1. Toxicokinetic parameters of NU-0129 in cynomolgus monkeys.
  • Fig. S2. XFM elemental maps of recurrent GBM tumor (patient ID 105).
  • Fig. S3. XFM elemental maps of recurrent GBM tumor (patient ID 101).
  • Fig. S4. XFM elemental maps of recurrent GBM tumors identify Fe and Zn as markers for RBCs in blood vessels.
  • Fig. S5. ROI selection for IHC staining quantification.
  • Fig. S6. mRNA expression of Bcl2L12, wild-type p53, and caspase-3 in primary versus recurrent GBM.
  • Fig. S7. Protein expression of active caspase-3 and wild-type p53 in individual matched newly diagnosed and recurrent on trial and trial-unrelated GBM.
  • Table S1. NU-0129 stability and integrity.
  • Legends for tables S2 and S3
  • Legend for data file S1

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • Data file S1 (Microsoft Excel format). Raw data.
  • Table S2 (Microsoft Excel format). Demographics and molecular profiles of patients enrolled into the clinical trial.
  • Table S3 (Microsoft Excel format). Patient demographics and molecular profiles of trial-unrelated matched primary and recurrent GBM used for IHC analyses of Bcl2L12, caspase-3 and p53.