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Metabolic differentiation of early Lyme disease from southern tick–associated rash illness (STARI)

Claudia R. Molins, Laura V. Ashton, Gary P. Wormser, Barbara G. Andre, Ann M. Hess, Mark J. Delorey, Mark A. Pilgard, Barbara J. Johnson, Kristofor Webb, M. Nurul Islam, Adoracion Pegalajar-Jurado, Irida Molla, Mollie W. Jewett, John T. Belisle*

*Corresponding author. Email: john.belisle{at}

Published 16 August 2017, Sci. Transl. Med. 9, eaal2717 (2017)
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aal2717

This PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. Level 1 identification of stearoyl ethanolamide.
  • Fig. S2. Level 1 identification of pentadecanoyl ethanolamide.
  • Fig. S3. Level 1 identification of eicosanoyl ethanolamide.
  • Fig. S4. Level 1 identification of glycerophospho-N-palmitoyl ethanolamine.
  • Fig. S5. Level 1 identification of stearamide.
  • Fig. S6. Level 1 identification of erucamide.
  • Fig. S7. Level 1 identification of ʟ-phenylalanine.
  • Fig. S8. Level 1 identification of nonanedioic acid.
  • Fig. S9. Level 1 identification of glycocholic acid.
  • Fig. S10. Level 1 identification of CMPF.
  • Fig. S11. Level 2 identification of Lyso PA (20:4) by MS/MS spectral matching.
  • Fig. S12. Level 2 identification of 3-ketosphingosine by MS/MS.
  • Table S1. Serum samples used in this study.
  • Table S2. 261-MF biosignature list.
  • Table S3. MetaboAnalyst results.
  • Table S4. Regression coefficients (β) of the LASSO two-way statistical model.
  • Table S5. LASSO and RF two-way model classification probability scores.
  • Table S6. Regression coefficients (β) of the LASSO three-way statistical model.
  • Table S7. LASSO and RF three-way model classification probability scores.
  • Table S8. ANOVA results on LASSO and RF scores with sample source as the explanatory variable.
  • Table S9. Grouping indicated by the ANOVA results.

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