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Bacterial colonization and succession in a newly opened hospital

Simon Lax, Naseer Sangwan, Daniel Smith, Peter Larsen, Kim M. Handley, Miles Richardson, Kristina Guyton, Monika Krezalek, Benjamin D. Shogan, Jennifer Defazio, Irma Flemming, Baddr Shakhsheer, Stephen Weber, Emily Landon, Sylvia Garcia-Houchins, Jeffrey Siegel, John Alverdy, Rob Knight, Brent Stephens, Jack A. Gilbert*

*Corresponding author. Email: gilbertjack{at}

Published 24 May 2017, Sci. Transl. Med. 9, eaah6500 (2017)
DOI: 110.1126/scitranslmed.aah6500

This PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. Floor plan of sampling locations.
  • Fig. S2. Bipartite OTU network of floor samples.
  • Fig. S3. Relative abundances of common genera by surface type.
  • Fig. S4. Rarefaction curves demonstrate convergence of α-diversity calculations.
  • Fig. S5. Interaction between patient skin and room samples.
  • Fig. S6. Differences in community dissimilarity between intra- and interweek samples.
  • Fig. S7. Overview of oligotyping data.
  • Fig. S8. Predictive accuracy of SourceTracker models using hand samples as source.
  • Fig. S9. Predictive accuracy of SourceTracker models using axilla samples as source.
  • Fig. S10. Patterns of antimicrobial resistance gene abundance.
  • Fig. S11. Coupling between selection and codon usage bias shows differential impact of in situ functional constraints on the same strain of P. acnes.
  • Fig. S12. Example PC space correlation calculation.
  • Fig. S13. PCoA of all samples.
  • Table S1. Summary of the 6523 samples included in the study, grouped by surface type.
  • Table S2. Summary of clinical metadata for 49 patients sampled on multiple days.
  • Table S3. Predictive accuracy of random forest supervised learning models predicting seven binary clinical factors.
  • Table S4. Effect of binary clinical factors on the similarity between sample types taken from the same room on the same day.
  • Table S5. Summary of the 65 genome bins assembled from metagenome contigs.

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