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Mimicry of an HIV broadly neutralizing antibody epitope with a synthetic glycopeptide

S. Munir Alam,* Baptiste Aussedat, Yusuf Vohra, R. Ryan Meyerhoff, Evan M. Cale, William E. Walkowicz, Nathan A. Radakovich, Kara Anasti, Lawrence Armand, Robert Parks, Laura Sutherland, Richard Scearce, M. Gordon Joyce, Marie Pancera, Aliaksandr Druz, Ivelin S. Georgiev, Tarra Von Holle, Amanda Eaton, Christopher Fox, Steven G. Reed, Mark Louder, Robert T. Bailer, Lynn Morris, Salim S. Abdool-Karim, Myron Cohen, Hua-Xin Liao, David C. Montefiori, Peter K. Park, Alberto Fernández-Tejada, Kevin Wiehe, Sampa Santra, Thomas B. Kepler, Kevin O. Saunders, Joseph Sodroski, Peter D. Kwong, John R. Mascola, Mattia Bonsignori, M. Anthony Moody, Samuel Danishefsky, Barton F. Haynes*

*Corresponding author. Email: barton.haynes{at} (B.F.H.); munir.alam{at} (S.M.A.)

Published 15 March 2017, Sci. Transl. Med. 9, eaai752 (2017)
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aai7521

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  • Supplementary Text
  • Fig. S1. Man9-V3 glycopeptide binding to glycan-dependent V3 bnAbs.
  • Fig. S2. PGT128-like specificity in HIV-1–chronically infected donor CH765.
  • Fig. S3. Sort gates to isolate V3-glycan bnAbs from HIV-1–infected donor CH765.
  • Fig. S4. Epitope mapping of newly isolated V3-glycan mAbs.
  • Fig. S5. Binding of DH563-VRC41 V3-glycan bnAb family to Man9-V3 and aglycone V3.
  • Fig. S6. Autoreactivity of newly isolated V3-glycan mAbs.
  • Fig. S7. Affinity measurement of V3 bnAb binding to Man9-V3 glycopeptide.
  • Fig. S8. Affinity measurements of isolated V3-glycan bnAbs to BG505 SOSIP trimers.
  • Fig. S9. Neutralization of V3-glycan bnAbs against a diverse panel of viruses.
  • Fig. S10. Flow cytometry sort gates to isolate DH706-DH710 from Man9-V3 immunized macaques.
  • Fig. S11. Binding of vaccine-induced antibodies isolated from Man9-V3 immunized rhesus macaques to HIV-1 antigens.
  • Table S1. Immunogenetics of DH563-VRC41 V3-glycan bnAb family.
  • Table S2. Neutralization of N332-dependent mAbs isolated with Man9-V3 glycopeptide and native-like SOSIP trimers.
  • Table S3. Immunogenetics of vaccine-induced antibodies isolated from Man9-V3 immunized rhesus macaques.
  • Legends for data sets S1 to S3
  • Data set S1. Mass spectrophotometry spectra for Man9-V3 and synthetic intermediates.
  • Data set S2. IC50 and IC80 neutralization values for V3-glycan bnAbs against a diverse panel of HIV-1 Env pseudoviruses.
  • Data set S3. Primers used to amplify DH563 Ig genes.
  • References (40, 41)

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