22 November 2017
Vol 9, Issue 417

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ONLINE COVER Getting the Blood Flow Just Right. This image depicts vasa vasorum (a microvascular network supplying large blood vessels) in the wall of an arteriovenous fistula from a patient with chronic kidney disease. It has a central septum, indicating its branching point, and several layers of vascular smooth muscle cells (with nuclei stained in blue) expressing tissue factor (a protein involved in blood coagulation, red) and its cognate ubiquitin ligase, STUB1 (green). Shashar et al. showed that decreased interaction between STUB1 and tissue factor increases thrombosis risk in chronic kidney disease patients, whereas targeting the interaction between these proteins provides a way to prevent excessive thrombosis without increasing bleeding. [CREDIT: MOSTAFA BELGHASEM, MICHAEL KIRBER, AND VIPUL CHITALIA/BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE]