04 October 2017
Vol 9, Issue 410

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ONLINE COVER A Sutureless Solution for Leaky Lungs. Natural and synthetic glues have been used in surgery to seal ruptured tissues, but finding nontoxic, degradable materials with appropriate adhesive strength and elasticity has proven difficult. Annabi et al. developed a degradable tropoelastin-based hydrogel that sealed incisions in lungs and arteries in rodent and porcine models. The sealant's adhesive properties could be tuned by altering the chemical composition of the prepolymer and photocrosslinking, allowing the sealant to be injected or implanted as a patch (inset). The hydrogel sealant prevented fluid leakage with greater adhesive strength and higher burst pressure than commercial sealants or sutures. [CREDIT: S. MASOUD MOOSAVI BASRI]