17 May 2017
Vol 9, Issue 390

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Taking Bromodomains to Heart. Bromodomain proteins are epigenetic "readers" that are usually associated with cancer progression. Duan et al. determined that a bromodomain protein called BRD4 (featured inside the heart in this image) plays a role in heart failure as well and demonstrated the effectiveness of a BRD4 inhibitor in mouse models of this disease. [CREDIT: IMAGE CONCEPT: S. HALDAR/GLADSTONE INSTITUTES, S. PYLE, AND G. GRULLÓN/SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE; PROTEIN STRUCTURE REPRODUCED FROM P. FILIPPAKOPOULOS ET AL., NATURE, 468 (2010) WITH PERMISSION FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP; HEART IMAGE: DEVRHIMB/ISTOCKPHOTO]