12 April 2017
Vol 9, Issue 385

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ONLINE COVER Make Way for T Cells. Tumor-associated blood vessels often display a chaotic and aberrant architecture that limits the extravasation of antitumoral T cells (top). These vascular abnormalities are induced, at least in part, through the proangiogenic actions of vascular endothelial growth factor A (green dots) and angiopoietin 2 (yellow dots). Schmittnaegel et al. show that a monoclonal antibody against both factors, termed A2V (purple), normalizes the tumor vascular network to facilitate the arrival of T cells that produce the immune-activating molecule interferon-γ (silver dots, bottom). These findings illustrate the immunostimulatory potential of antiangiogenic drugs and encourage their application as conditioning regimens for improving cancer immunotherapy. See also the accompanying Research Article by Allen et al. [CREDIT: ALEXANDER TOKAREV/ELLA MARU STUDIO AND MICHELE DE PALMA/EPFL]