08 February 2017
Vol 9, Issue 376

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ONLINE COVER E. coli Spreads Its Influence. Although most gut bacteria go unnoticed by the immune system, certain species have been shown to modulate host immunity. Viladomiu et al. analyzed Escherichia coli bacteria recognized by the immune system in patients with Crohn's disease with or without associated spondyloarthritis. They discovered a particular strain of E. coli was more likely to prompt an immune reaction in the patients with spondyloarthritis. Shown here are fluorescently labeled bacteria in a mouse gut colonized with this E. coli strain, which the authors demonstrate induces TH17 immunity in the mice. It is possible that recognition of this E. coli strain contributes to the development of spondyloarthritis in patients with Crohn's disease. [CREDIT: KENNETH SIMPSON/CORNELL UNIVERSITY]