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Follicular CD8 T cells accumulate in HIV infection and can kill infected cells in vitro via bispecific antibodies

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Science Translational Medicine  18 Jan 2017:
Vol. 9, Issue 373, eaag2285
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aag2285

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Follicular CD8 T cells might ferret out HIV

HIV-infected CD4 T cells may lurk in lymphoid follicles that are normally devoid of CD8 T cells, making these areas a safe haven for the viral reservoir. Petrovas et al. examined human lymph nodes and tonsils and somewhat surprisingly found that CD8 T cells did infiltrate follicles in HIV-infected individuals. When compared with cells from healthy individuals, these CD8 T cells were less likely to produce cytokines but were still able to kill target cells, especially when cultured with a bispecific antibody to redirect killing toward HIV-infected cells. The use of bispecific antibodies in patients to provoke follicular CD8 T cells may be a path toward a potential HIV cure.