23 November 2016
Vol 8, Issue 366

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ONLINE COVER Sensing Sweat's Secrets. A flexible microfluidic device developed by Koh et al. adheres to human skin and captures and analyzes sweat as individuals exercise. The snaky outer channel (blue) indicates sweat rate and volume, and the four inner circles change color in response to chloride, glucose, lactate, and pH in sweat. Using smartphone image capture to analyze color changes, Koh et al. obtained results—from bicyclists wearing the microfluidic device during indoor testing—that were similar to results obtained with standard sweat analysis. This noninvasive biosensor could help prevent overtraining and dehydration during exercise or could be adapted to analyze saliva, tears, or other biofluids. [CREDIT: KOH ET AL./SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE]

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